How to Juggle Life with a Business & Children

You may think that one of the most difficult and rewarding jobs is being an entrepreneur, but some might argue that being a parent tops it.

When you’re both a mother and a business owner, things can feel never-ending and you may find yourself short on time in both your work life and your home life which can leave you feeling guilty and frustrated.

In this blog we’re going to give all you working mums out there some top tips on how to juggle your working and home life and how to make the best out of your busy situation!

• Wherever possible, avoid multitasking. Try and focus on one thing at a time so when you get home, and you’re trying to help your son or daughter do their homework, put your phone away and let them know that they have your full attention for an hour.

• Build a community! When you have children, make sure you have a group of people you can trust and that will support you. You are certainly not the only one who is living life both as an entrepreneur and a parent so start building relationships with these people so when the time comes and you do need a helping hand, there are plenty of people to reach out to.

• Plan ahead and be organised, at home and at work. Although you never know what the day ahead will be like, planning will always benefit you. Start every day with a list of the jobs you need to complete whether it be, calling a contact you met at networking last week or remembering that you need to take your little one to football practice. Be aware of what is going on each day so you can be prepared for any changes.

• Focus on what’s important. Always remember that your work will never be as important as your children so when they’re crying in the middle of the night, don’t moan about how tired you’re going to be for work in a few hours, treasure what you have in front of you!

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