Ladies 4 Networking Ltd was established and has been running as an informal women’s network since 2009. It was set up by Marina Simioli, a business owner and consummate networker.

From an initial base in Huddersfield, there has been increasing demand to establish the network in other locations outside of Huddersfield. For this reason, Marina has now teamed up with Judith Wright, who runs a successful marketing agency and together they have set up L4N UK Ltd with the intention of establishing groups across the country.

Since L4N was established, it has developed into a vibrant organisation, with all the monthly meetings being regularly attended by up to 40 female business owners and professionals.

The meetings take place at the same venue each month, where a one-course lunch and drinks are provided for a nominal charge

At L4N UK we are dedicated to providing opportunities for women in business to network, gain confidence, new skills, support and collaborations with other businesswomen.

"L4N was the very first networking event I went to when I started my Ribbit Media business - I didn't really know much about networking, but Judith was the first person I met at the Halifax one and she made me feel so welcome, she took me under her wing and today I have an incredible friend and she might not know it, but Mentor too! (or maybe she does know it with all the questions I ask her....haha). Woman doing what they do best - chatting, having fun and getting to know each other (and moaning about our husbands)!"

Dorne McLoughlin

Ribbit Media Solutions

"L4N in Huddersfield is a vibrant group of likeminded women who meet once a month to reconnect and exchange ideas. L4N does not stop there. What would you take away from our meetings? Inspiration, information, important contacts, encouragement and support from colleagues that continues long after the meeting has finished. It's true! Never underestimate the power of a woman! "

Louise Reynolds

Dazzlin Diva

"I thoroughly enjoy L4N because of the support on offer. Personally, I feel that ladies in business offer more support to each other and put more effort into getting you referrals. In addition to the networking meeting, I find the workshops extremely useful too. It’s a great session where you can share ideas and solve problems for each other. It’s a fabulous event to meet like-minded people, and I have met some great contacts at the Huddersfield meeting. Thank You!"

Tanya Haigh

Owner of JNT Destinations

"As a new business that opened late last year, I wanted to get involved in a ladies networking event to help socialise with local business and what us ladies are doing out there. I love to hear of success stories especially from us girls doing it on our own…’s like “YES, you go girl…” I learnt about L4N through Facebook… and immediately joined the group. The first meeting I attended in January was brilliant…I met some amazing ladies from all sectors, it was brilliant to meet some strong ladies doing well. It was a very informative meeting and I also met a couple of ladies whom I have collaborated with and have now got Amy Howe (make-up artist on my team as a contractor.) "

Beverley Bonet

Owner of Skin Clinic @ the Vinery

"I really enjoy meeting the ladies at the Rochdale meeting… Katie is a great host - by knowing the ladies’ businesses, she is able to add her personal recommendations which is very powerful. I’ve been to a LOT of networking events in the last 3 years and I'm not just saying this, but the Rochdale L4N UK meeting has to feature as one of the best events I’ve been to…. keep going with it!"

Diane Johnson

"Everyone in this group NEEDS to try to get to a meeting! I am not involved in the management of L4N UK, I'm a regular attendee attend as many meetings as I can physically can for 2 reasons: - I work at home and my friends/colleagues are on Facebook so it's nice to see other women face to face who get the struggles of running your own business. - It has absolutely helped my business to grow from referrals, sales, new team members. Not to mention the personal development which is in my opinion the most under worked part of starting a new business! I can stand up and speak to people because I've delivered my 60 seconds repeatedly for the last 18 months! Find a group, go read Girl Code and watch what happens to your business!"

Lisa Holroyd

Younique Presenter

"I realised recently that where my business now is, all began in a L4N UK group. I have been going to L4N UK meetings since it was launched. I began as a photographer and to be honest, I was just going for company, never really believing that networking worked, I just made lots of lovely friends and I was happy with that until one day at a meeting in 2011. I had just created thirteen images for the Napoleon Hill Foundation for the book The Path to Riches, Georgie Oldfield asked me if I did any one-2-one coaching. I laughed because I wasn't a coach, I was a photographer - or so I thought! However, I like talking so suggested I would do a group. The next thing, Georgie had recruited a group of fabulous women. It was really just a book club in my photography studio, in my basement and we used my images to learn what was in the book! Little did we know then, where this would take me and that the book club would become a highly acclaimed workshop and a soon to be published book that has had an astonishing effect on so many people's lives! So I guess you never know what influences you may receive from going to your local L4N UK group!"

Janet Jones

Director at Happiness Millionaire