All You Need To Know About Bullet Journals

Have you got a bullet journal? Have you ever bullet journaled? Or do you even know what one is?

Bullet journals (BuJos) are great ways to not only organise your work but to also organise your life!

If you were to search Bullet Journals on Pinterest you could spend hours scrolling through all the ideas and inspiration available. I have.

They are described as the analogue method for the digital age. It’s a methodology. You hand-write your notes, your schedules, your grids. You colour coordinate and use symbols to help group your notes. For those who are gifted in illustration, you can make them as beautiful as you like. Or if you’re practical rather than creative, then they are still a fantastic way to collate and sort your notes.

The Bullet Journal was created by Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer and author living in Brooklyn, NY. He created this method for helping him to organise, and it’s developed to not only be something to organise your business but also your life. It’s the art of intentional living.

There is an official BuJo, it’s branded, with dots on the pages so you can create your own grids etc. It’s available to buy online and the owner has a regular blog. But any notebook can be used for your BuJo. It’s all personal to you. So if you prefer a different notebook, it doesn’t have to be branded.


You know how difficult it is to plan and run your own business. And you all have your fave way to write your notes and your plans. Do you like lists? Bullet points? Graphs? Checklists?

The beauty of your own bullet journal is that you can use all these methods, and it’s all collected in one place. Your BuJo. (That’s short for Bullet Journal…)

First up, write down your dreams and aspirations for the future. Don’t hold back, aim for the stars!

Next write down your goals, short term and long term. The tangible things that you can do to achieve your aspirations.

Then as you document your work life, your meetings, your checklists, your notes you can always refer back to your goals, whilst keeping everything organised and in one place.

You can plan your days per week or by month, it’s up to you. But it helps with your business planning. Make it work for you.


You can use them to help plan your life and help with your mental health too.

By writing everything down, you feel less pressure to remember it all and run the risk of forgetting something. Plus, once it’s written down, it will help to clear your mind.

Apply the same basics, have a page dedicated to your personal goals. Do you wish to learn something new, do more reading, to have a routine for bed? Write down your goals, and constantly refer back to them. Set yourself mini targets, such as read 3 books this month. Have a tracker for books read. Have a long list of shows to watch on your Netflix watch list? Create a tracker for it. Finding out what colour shoes you wear the most, track that. Sure track the serious stuff, but also track something fun!

You can have a checklist of important dates, anniversaries and birthdays. Each time you send a card (if you do) then give yourself a little tick!

If you are looking to focus on your wellbeing, you can track your moods and emotions. You can write yourself positive affirmations and motivational quotes. Let your inner artist free and make them as beautiful as you like!

Believe it or not, you’ll also start to get really excited about stationery.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVED the start of the new school year as it meant new stationery. And with BuJos you start to use new pens, new colours and it can really become your creative outlet. Don’t see it as a chore, but keep coming back to the page to add more doodles, illustrations and more.