The Top 3 Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

The Top 3 Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

1. Being led by too many opinions

If you own a startup, more than likely you will be given plenty of advice by friends and family or, if you’re proactively seeking out answers, like-minded business people. You need to be wary of being overwhelmed with too many opinions. Listening to too many various opinions can lead to a lot of confusion and indecision. When there are a lot of opinions flying around in your head, you may end up making a split-second decision which can be bad for business.

To help you avoid basic mistakes in your daily dealings, work with someone who you can trust and has had business experience or even consider hiring a consultant to look at your business plan and give you their professional opinions.

2. Underestimating or ignoring the competition

Although you should not obsess over your competition, you also shouldn’t ignore them either. All businesses have competition and if you don’t know why your business is better than your competitors, you’re not going to get ahead of the pack. You need to convey your message properly to customers and learn from, not only your mistakes, but also your competitor’s mistakes. Sometimes the toughest competitor is you.

3. Doing everything yourself

We all know the phrase, ‘If you want something done right, do it yourself’ however, sometimes we don’t give anyone else a chance to prove themselves. The sooner you learn to let go of some of the work and delegate efficiently, the better it will be for your business and mental health!

As tempting as it is to do your design work, finance and administrative work by yourself, it may not be the best use of your time and there may be someone out there better at some of the jobs than you. (Sorry!)

Being an entrepreneur is one big learning curve, just remember when you make a mistake, learn from it, and don’t dwell on it!

This guest post was written by Sarah from Drones On Demand who specalise in drone survey services.

Guest Blog: Time to Power through Procrastination!

Guest Blog: Time to Power through Procrastination!

Last week I was speaking to a group of ladies about the ‘P’ word – procrastination, I’m sure you would have experienced it at some point, it’s when everything other than what you need to do becomes incredibly urgent, often hours can be spent updating your friends list on Facebook or searching for new contacts on LinkedIn, or you may have it extremely bad and start to clear out your office, your loft or kitchen cupboards!

What became really obvious is that we all do it from time to time in every aspect of our lives, but that it can be quite frustrating, even stressful, because not only are you avoiding what you need to do, but often that ‘thing’ can grow and become bigger the more you put it off, making it less likely that you will tackle it, even though you know you need to.

So how can we move from procrastinating to pro-activating?

First of all, in my experience overwhelm fuels procrastination, it seems that the more we have to do the less we may feel like doing it, it becomes so much, so big, that actually doing anything is far more attractive than what we have to do. I’m a great lover of lists so I find that a great start is to do a brain dump, get everything that is in your head out and on a piece of paper to start to regain some control (there is a great free guide on Time to Motivate You page on my website which may help).

Secondly, the other major factor is that our batteries maybe flat.  When was the last time you had some time for yourself? If you are feeling really flat and you don’t have the energy to really kick those tasks to touch, take some time out and do something for you that you know you would find recharging, it can work wonders! Also make sure that you commit to doing it regularly too so that you reduce the risk of it happening again.

Thirdly, commit to be disciplined! Look at your brain dump and decide what needs to be done today, allocate time for each task, then go for it! Even use a timer! Ignore the chatter in your head trying to persuade you otherwise and see it as a challenge to get whatever it is done in the time you’ve set yourself. It’s also useful to shut down all distractions (email, social media, phone etc) until you have done what you need to do.

Finally, when you’ve done what you need to do, go give yourself a reward, do something that you really enjoy. I use this style of motivator regularly, there’s nothing like having something nice to look forward to to help motivate you to get those other tasks out of the way!

Often at this time of year we find ourselves procrastinating more as the days can often be darker and gloomier, but for many it’s actually a very busy time, especially with the run up to Christmas. So this year, if you start to feel that way, have these simple steps to hand and get yourself pro-activating quickly and easily so at least you have more time to enjoy yourself!

Andrea Morrison is author of The Feel Good Factor in 30 days and is a Personal Coach & Speaker ( specialising in building a more confident, balanced & motivated YOU!

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