What Social Media Should You Use For Your Business To Target Everyone?

What Social Media Should You Use For Your Business To Target Everyone?

There are many social media networks for you to choose from but picking the right one for your business can prove to be a challenge.

To help you decide, we have compiled a list of the most popular social media networks, giving you the information you need to make your all important decision!


Facebook is the biggest social media network with an estimated 665 million active users each day, generating up to 645 million local business page views per week. The audience on Facebook is too large to ignore but it’s not just the huge user-base that makes it so desirable to be on. With Facebook Audience Insights, you can get information about your followers such as demographics, what their interests are and what their behaviour is. You can also create targeted adverts that let you advertise to a specific, targeted audience to increase the odds of creating a conversion. Remember to be engaging and post interesting content, not just promotional information.


Twitter is great for communication, with more than 320 million active users; it’s a hub of people constantly talking to each other and you need to get involved! You are limited to what you can say on Twitter, with their 140 character limit but use those characters wisely and it’s a great source to market your business. It’s also the perfect platform to handle your customer service, by maintaining your Twitter presence, customers active on the platform will find you to express concerns or share their praise.


Pinterest is focused on visuals. Users create digital bulletin boards where they can display content they like in the form of photos and videos. Although it is a low-maintenance social network in terms of post frequency, it does take time to keep your boards organised and search-friendly. Pinterest certainly isn’t for everyone as it is a fairly niche network compared to Facebook and Twitter. If your target audience is women (80% on Pinterest) between the ages of 25-45 with interests such as DIY projects, fashion, beauty, photography and food… Pinterest might be the platform for you!


Similar to Pinterest, Instagram is also a visual social media platform based entirely on photo and video posts. What makes Instagram different to other photo-sharing programs is that it’s a downloadable app for your smartphone which means you’re going to need an iPhone or another smartphone to use this social network. As with Pinterest, depending on what industry you’re in, it may not be the best fit for your business but if your target audience is women (70% on Instagram) between the ages of 18-35, you may want to consider adding Instagram to your list of social networks.

What Makes an Effective Leader?

What Makes an Effective Leader?

When you are the head of your own business and run a team alongside your own responsibilities, you need to have brilliant leadership skills.

Here’s a list of key qualities that every good leader should possess and learn to develop:

Positive attitude – If you want to keep your team motivated and get their energy levels up, you need to have a positive attitude! Have a mix of playfulness and productivity in the workplace to get your team feeling happy and upbeat – this will result in good quality work.

Delegating – Delegating tasks to the right people is important to develop your team’s skills as your business grows. The key to delegation is to identify the strengths of your team and focus on them, along with the tasks they enjoy, as the more they enjoy doing it, the higher the chance is that they will put more into behind it. Remember, as the work begins to pile up, the more you take on yourself, the more the stretch yourself thin which means the quality of your work will suffer so remember to delegate!

Confidence – There are going to be times when things aren’t going to plan or the future isn’t looking so bright, but the most important thing you can do is not to panic. As a leader, you’re here to put out the fires whilst maintaining the team morale. Stay cool, calm and collected and your team will follow.

Commitment – You need to lead by example, there is no greater motivation for a team than seeing their boss getting their hands dirty with the rest of them! You want to demonstrate that hard work is being done on every level and by doing this you will earn respect from your team and encourage that same hardworking energy.

Inspire! – Inspiring your team to work hard and create success is vital. You want to generate enthusiasm and encourage your team to focus on future goals (whilst also putting maximum effort into current issues). When work is deep, energy levels will fall and morale is low, you need to acknowledge that everyone is dedicated, committed and working to their greatest ability. Your job is to keep spirits up, and that starts with showing your appreciation for the hard work done.

New Year, New You?

New Year, New You?

We say it every year, but do we actually go ahead and make it happen? It’s sometimes difficult to find the motivation that we need once the festive period is over and we go back to our daily routines.

Being motivated means being committed, forgiving yourself for an off day and get going again. It’s not a magic switch that you can turn on & off. Choose to be committed and you’ll find yourself motivated. There really is no time like the present, so go for it now!

Here are a few positive messages to help get going and make 2016 the year of you and becoming the best that you can be!

I can do anything. It’s a simple phrase but it helps remind yourself – you really can do anything you set your mind to.
This is why I can. Instead of giving yourself reasons why you can’t do something, give yourself reasons why you can.
I deserve more. You deserve a better life – whether that means a better job, a healthier body or more money. Work for it.
It’s never too late. No matter how old you are or how many opportunities you’ve passed up before, it’s never too late to make a decision and get a fresh start.
There will always be challenges. No matter what you do in life, there will always be challenges – don’t let one set get the better of you.
There’s no “perfect” time. If you’re waiting for the perfect moment, forget about it, there’s no such thing – the perfect time is now.
Everybody starts somewhere. Nobody is born successful. Everyone starts somewhere, and usually from the bottom.
It can only get better. If it’s hard at first, it can only get easier
Today is all I can control. Forget about what you did yesterday. Today is what matters.
I’ve got support. Friends, family, and colleagues – even if they think you’re crazy, you can always find support in networking groups and support groups.

Think about these messages when you want to kick start your motivation and get the job done!

Happy New Year from the L4N UK team!

Christmas Email Marketing Tips

Christmas Email Marketing Tips

It’s come round to that time of year again, where the itchy jumpers are out and mince pies are in high demand, that’s right, Christmas is here and the build-up to the festive day will always be manic!

You may feel run off your feet during the season but this doesn’t mean your marketing has to suffer. Here are 3 top tips to keep your email marketing merry and bright!

1. Make sure your subject line is a cracker!

It’s always important to give your email a suitable subject line, one that will entice your recipients into reading the email rather than deleting it straight away! Stick to the rules below to avoid the recycle bin:

• No typos or spelling mistakes
• Nothing salesy or spammy
• Use different subject lines
• Keep it short – 50 characters or fewer
• Make it personal

Be original, on-brand and enticing!

2. Be ready for mobile

More than half of emails are opened and read on mobile devices every day that means if you are neglecting your mobile optimisation, you might be missing out on some potential clients. So, remember to focus some attention on how your email looks on smartphones and on tablets, the best way to see how it looks is to send a test to yourself and open it on your device.

3. This is Christmas, right?

What’s a better way to get you into a festive mood than to pop some traditional Christmas related touches to your emails! Think a Santa hat on your logo or snowflakes to the background of your emails… Keep it simple, keep it tasteful and remember, not everyone celebrates the holiday so steer away from an in-your-face grotto like setting.

We hope this Christmas themed blog post will help you bring joy and happiness with all your email marketing! (Remember, the first two tips apply all year round!)

Body Language

Body Language

Most of the time, body language speaks louder than words. When you’re in an important meeting or chatting with someone at a networking event, knowing what certain expressions mean will help you decide what you’re next move is.

Here are some tactics for reading people’s body language:

1. If someone’s voice goes up or down in vocal range, they’re likely interested

Your vocal range shows your interest, without your control. With women, their voices will reach a bit higher if they’re interested whereas men drop theirs an octave.

2. If they mirror your body language, the conversation is probably going well

When two people are getting along, their movements and postures will mirror each other’s and this is because, when we feel a connection, we automatically mirror the other person.

3. There are common signs that the person you’re speaking to may be feeling defensive

• Facial expressions are minimal
• Body is physically turned away from you
• Arms are crossed in front of the body
• Eyes maintain little contact

If you notice any of these tell-tale signs, this could mean that the person may not want to listen to you.

4. Don’t get confused between lying and nervousness

There are typical signs to whether a person is lying to you or not. For example, if their eyes maintain little or no eye contact, hand or fingers are placed in front of his or her mouth, the person goes red in the face or neck or maybe their voice changes in pitch.

These are all signs that the person you’re talking to may be lying to you. However, everyone is different and if you do spot one of these common non-verbal signs of lying, don’t necessarily jump to conclusions, as the person may be just nervous.

5. Reaching an agreement

To try and reach an agreement, parties send out early engagement signals such as smiling, nodding, open gestures, etc., when they begin a negotiation. The positive result is usually the same, whether the body language was a strategic decision or was made as an unconscious reaction.

Everyone is different and one size definitely doesn’t fit all so remember that some signs and signals made by certain people could have a different meaning to what you would normally think, but by further questioning and getting to know the person better, you will learn more about what their signals mean!

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