Guest Blog: Top Five Priorities to Self-Publishing like a Pro

If you are like me, you have given your all to your manuscript and you can’t wait to see it in print. On every future author’s lips is, ‘to find a publisher or to self-publish, that is the question?’ Finding the right agent/publisher takes time and often they are only interested in authors who have proven themselves in the market or people with a massive social network. There are also many self-published books that just don’t look professional and they would never stand up against published books in the bookstore and you don’t want that for your creation either, right?

I couldn’t wait for my work to be in print so that I could get on with the rest of my life, so I decided to self-publish, but discovered it is a challenging and character building journey. There are many sharks out there looking to relieve the unsuspecting, naïve self-publisher of LOTS of money, promising to take the strain and make you into the next JK Rowling. Beware.

Here are my top five priorities to self-publishing without falling in the shark pool;

1. Decide what you DESIRE your book to be and see the manifestation of your achievement at the top of this mountain. Will your book be an international bestseller or is it to support your business? If you are unclear, the journey will feel confusing and many people will offer their guidance that will confuse you even more, taking you along the wrong route that could cost you dearly in time and money. If you want to write a bestseller you must say it is a bestseller and follow that route. To help me stay focused and on track, I use this rock-climbing image to move me forward in my chosen direction every day. It inspires me to keep going even on the days when the journey feels a little scary or slow, and it will feel scary and there will be days that progress is really slow but just take one more step up the rock face and you WILL get to where you dream to be, just be clear where you are going.

2. Visualise, in your infinite mind’s eye, your finished product and see the people you wrote it for reading it and talking about it. My visualisation of success for my book is two mothers, in the school playground, discussing how my book has helped them find themselves again and get their life back on track without the use of medication. The visual part of your brain will pick this image up and help you create it. If you can’t see it, no one else will. Make it the best you can imagine and don’t be afraid to think big and go for it. You may need to invest in yourself along the way to master skills, so be open to change.

3. Find the right team. Take your time and only work with people you respect and who share your passion for your topic. Once again, not getting this right could cost you dearly. Franklin Roosevelt and Sir Winston Churchill were both passionate about creating peace after World War 11 and together they created the United Nations. Wait until your mind connects with the right people and magic will happen. Personally get to know your editor, designer, formatter and PR people. Basically get to know anyone who comes into contact with bringing your book to life. Don’t leave this up to strangers!

4. Be your own best friend and cheerleader – Encourage yourself to be brave and believe in stepping into the author arena. Tell yourself that you are an author from the first word you put on paper, because you are! Sing your own praises but be honest with yourself. It is easy to criticise one’s self and sow seeds of self-doubt in the mind, convincing us that we are not brave enough. The worst thing that can happen is that you DON’T publish. Keep going no matter how long it may take. You are as good and deserving as anyone else.

5. Trust your intuitive guide. It is all happening perfectly. Your internal guide will tell you the direction you need to take. Listen to it or suffer. We all have our own GPS, but very few people listen. Be different and do as it tells you. It will seem really strange sometimes and you may consciously feel it is taking you down the wrong route but it won’t be. The message will come as an uncomfortable feeling, an elated feeling or a light bulb moment, whatever it is you will feel or hear the message. Be brave and be yourself. These are your words that your inner guide is asking you to put out there.

This blog is based on my journey to self-publishing and how I have used these images each step of the way to manifest my book, Happiness Millionaire, Positive Images for a R.I.C.H and Powerful Life. You will find all these images in the Happiness Millionaire book.

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Be brave and get your work from your heart to the world.

By Janet Jones, author of Happiness Millionaire, Positive Images for a R.I.C.H and Powerful Life