What Plants Should You Have In Your Business

You might not think that plants can make a huge difference in your workplace, but you’d be surprised. Plants are beneficial to you both physically and aesthetically. They have the ability to turn a toxic workplace into the perfect haven.

You want to make your workplace a nice place to be, you’re going to be spending a lot of your time there. There’s no point spending your time in a dark, dingy environment, it’s only going to get you down and the work you produce won’t be the best it can be. You need to brighten it up as much as possible to give you and your employees the perfect working environment.

A study by Dr Chris Knight at Exeter University who has been studying the effects of plants in the workplace for over 10 years said that when plants are present in a workplace, employees are 15% more productive because they engage with their surroundings and ultimately become better workers.

They compared it to the zoo, if you put a gorilla into a small cage with very little going for it, they’re going to be miserable, the same applies to people in offices. You need to give people something in their office to ensure that they’re not miserable!

Below are some of the best plants that are perfect for the workplace.

The Jade Plant is a great plant to have in your office simply because it’s small and requires very little watering and maintenance. It’s a renowned good luck plant that attracts wealth as well as giving off nourishing ‘chi’ positive energy.

The African Violet, though it requires a little bit more maintenance takes up very little space and fits perfectly on small desktops.

The Peace Lily is great for the office as it helps clean the air and even grows in low-office lighting, manages to grow. It requires very little watering meaning that maintenance isn’t a problem at all just in case you keep forgetting to water it!

Snake Plant has leaves that can grow fairly tall but doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s a very appealing plant as it has bands of green and yellow on the outside.

Cactuses can be perfect for businesses who are looking to add a little greenery with very little effort. They do however require a lot of sunlight so we cannot recommend them for anyone who has dimly lit offices. But for offices with natural light, they’re perfect.

All of the mentioned plants take up very little room in a workplace but add that little extra just to make it a much nicer place to work. And that’s what you want, you don’t want to work somewhere where you wish you weren’t, you want to enjoy the environment you work in because it only means that you’ll be more productive and actually enjoy what you do.