Why Meditation In Business Increases Success

One of the most rewarding practices that is really unexpected is meditation. Meditation has been proven to be extremely beneficial and helpful especially as a business owner because it helps with both your personal and professional life. A lot of business owners disregard meditation simply because they think they don’t have the time to do it.

For those who don’t meditate, they see it as something that people do in their spare time. But what they don’t realise is that meditation is a great mental model and can be improved through practice. What it offers is a way to deal with most situations thrown at you which is why it is a perfect addition to a business owners’ lifestyle.

The American Psychological Association (APA) studied the positive effects that meditation has on the participants and this is what they found.

  • Reduced stress – This probably comes as no surprise to you but people who practice meditation on a daily basis show fewer signs of stress. This makes meditation as a business owner even more important.
  • Improved memory – The study also found that participants memory was much better with regular meditation practices, which means you’d be able to retain a lot more information.
  • Better focus – By having short bursts of meditation it can help you focus on your work better throughout the day, which reduces the chance of getting distracted and helps sharpen your cognitive potential.
  • Better emotional control – By meditating, you actually improve your emotional reactivity and are less likely to act impulsively to frustrating or emotionally charged situations. This can become particularly useful in high-stress logical decisions.

The benefits completely outweigh the negatives and it’s such an easy thing to tie into your daily routine.

As we know, most things in our life are out of our control. We cannot control the world around us and what people say and do, but what meditation can help with is controlling your own mind. If you’re able to train your mind, you can accomplish some of the things you’d never think was possible.

As a business owner, you want to take your business to above and beyond, so being disciplined and controlling your mind is key.

There’s a huge variety of successful business owners who couldn’t recommend meditation enough. They see it as a rubric for how to deal with most situations thrown at you and the majority of them actually credit meditation to their overall success.

Ray Dalio, who is the founder of Bridgewater Associates mentioned how meditation freed him from a very stressful work period in his life. He says the more you do the greater the reward.

Marc Benioff, the Co-founder and CEO of Salesforce.com mentioned how meditation allows him to keep a clear head and has been partaking in mediation on a daily basis for over a decade.

Bill Ford, the Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company, takes time each day to meditate no matter what. When he was extremely close to bankruptcy, meditation helped him improve his productivity and make decisions with compassion and kindness.

Jeff Weiner, who has been the CEO of LinkedIn since 2009, uses an app called Headspace to meditate daily and consistently recommends this app to anyone.

It’s interesting looking at the reasoning behind why successful business owners meditate with a lot of them using it to help improve their overall working ability and decision making.

The benefits are there for all to see, there are numerous studies explaining the benefits that meditation has. We get it that as a business owner it’s difficult to find the time, but meditation doesn’t take long. Try and set aside 10-15 minutes a day for the time you can use for meditation and revel in the benefits it can bring to your personal and working life. You’ll be less stressed, think clearer and be able to make important decisions much easier.