Why Women Networking Groups Are The Way Forward

For many women business owners, networking can be quite superficial and soulless as you exchange business cards with one-another which very rarely actually lead to any new connections or business. Being an entrepreneur in this vast business world can be a relatively lonely experience and we all know how crucial it is to ensure that you put yourself out there so your company can grow and succeed.

What we’ve seen recently over the past few years are women-only networking groups becoming more and more common and appealing and consistently growing in trend. Its easier talking to women as they all know what the difficulties of being an entrepreneur or small business owner are so you’re able to build relationships that can last, rather than attending these networking groups that aren’t really your cup of tea.

They get you

Unlike these events where women have to show their superwomen persona, female-only networking feels much warmer, welcoming and safe. The majority of the attendees share what it’s really like to run a business, the juggle and the struggle, including sick kids, accessing capital and the difficulties it can bring and generally all the challenges we face as women in a relatively male-dominated area. You’re able to be yourself, you can relax, let your hair down and say what you want which in-turn will mean that you’ll have a lot more fun.

It gets results

This just adds another layer of why you should attend. It’s great being supported by like-minded women and it’s being shown that women-only groups gain higher quality referrals. So not only are you able to be yourself, you actually achieve more as a result of attending a female-only networking group.

Increase chance of finding a mentor

It can be incredibly beneficial to have a mentor, so much so that in a recent survey on LinkedIn, 82 percent of women surveyed believed that having a mentor is incredibly important, yet only one in every five is lacking this experience. Whether your young or old, receiving guidance is going to do your business a world of good. You can learn form someone who’s already been in your shoes and learn from them. They’ll be able to give you an insight on areas they made mistakes so you’re able to avoid any that could crop up.

When you’re at a female-only networking event, you will meet seasoned, successful women who are more than willing to help you take your business to the next level, you only have to ask, so don’t be shy!

It builds confidence

By attending women-only events it’s so much easier for you to be able to show up authentically, with others genuinely cheering you on. Women report experiencing a huge boost in confidence after attending. All we want are each other’s businesses to succeed and by attending the networking events you’re encouraging one-another to gain the confidence you need to talk to others outside of the networking group to take your business to the next level; this could be investors, potential customers, potential employees etc.

It inspires

Hearing some of the most incredible stories, challenges and lessons learned from other successful business women can really put the bit between your teeth. After going to one of the events women are finding themselves being much more organised and dedicated to expanding their business and making it into that company they dreamt it would be.

Sometimes all you need is that little push and these women-only networking events provide just that. You learn from women who have already been in your shoes, to others who currently find themselves in your shoes wondering what the next step for them is. Remember you’re not alone in this rather lonely environment, you have to make the effort and talk to other women to build up your confidence and resolve to take your business in the right direction.